The Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading

If Joy is the driving force and sense behind what creates urgency and excitement to read then: What creates the Joy for the individual to sit up on the edge of his or her seat? Usually and most often it is something that motivates and engages the individual personally in the content they are reading.

Today, SiriusBooks Inc. has created the most interactive eBook solution that engages and ignites students and readers of all ages to the highest levels. Our eBooks build reader engagement and increase accessibility. Engagement with the content is so deep that comprehension and retention increases over 100%, excitement rises to a visible high level and an urgency to continue reading and learning grows at an exponential rate. For the academic sector, this is the solution that takes away "The FUD", or what we call The Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt regarding students and individuals who are about to take a exam or quiz on the material they have just read and studied. This solution removes the categories some people are placed into such as, Illiterate, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. and replaces them with Literacy, Excitement and Success. This in turn produces the largest feeling an individual searches for and desires in whatever it is they are doing, which is JOY. JOY is the biggest expression witnessed in people of all ages when what they are feeling on the inside is expressed as a mirror image on the outside. W.O.W.  Words of Wisdom!

Engage and Ignite your readers, students, children, family, friends and people all over the world with the tool and eBooks that will help us all move forward with success and JOY! We deliver a world of enjoyment, fun, knowledge, education and information, but overall the ability to comprehend and retain content better and faster than ever before.

SiriusBooks - Engaging and Igniting Readers.

James Whitney; Author

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