SiriusLMS – Learning Management System

SiriusLMS is your custom software application Learning Management System and academic tools . Why should you pay for extra services you do not need and drag down overall performance and user experience? Let us build your custom LMS and academic tools with the services that will make your life easier and save you money.

Customize your own LMS and academic environment by selecting Modules from; Academic Administration, Student Profiles, Documentation, Tracking, Messaging, Calendar Synchronizing, Collaboration, Reporting, Delivery of eLearning courses and more. The SiriusLMS is modular and customizable allowing academic institutions, teachers, and students flexibility to expand from as little to as much as their needs require. SiriusLMS as part of the SiriusEdu EcoSystem provides you the advantage of easy access to SiriusEdu Courses and SiriusBooks. Increase your Faculty productivity and Student engagement with SiriusLMS.


SiriusLMS - When Less Equals More