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About Us

Based on global academic needs paired with new education technologies and practices evolved over the last two decades, there is a unique opportunity to create and offer innovative academic solutions using the most advanced online educational ecosystem in the world. Sirius International Education, Inc. doing business as “SiriusEdu” offers the SiriusEdu EcoSystem, which was created to provide innovative technology, world class interactive content, far reaching academic platforms, and educational expertise. SiriusEdu offers the most effective, innovative and compelling student experiences inside and outside of the classroom with the goal of achieving online degree programs in partnership with accredited Academic Institutions around the world.

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what we offer


What We Offer
  • SiriusEdu EcoSystem
  • SiriusEdu - Interactive Courses and Programs
  • SiriusBooks - Interactive Books
  • SiriusLMS - Learning Management System
  • SiriusTutor - Virtual Tutoring Platform
  • SiriusTalk - Consulting
  • Sirius1to1 - Marketing
  • SiriusVEC - Virtual Education Centers
  • SiriusCampus - Services

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  • The Joy of Reading
    If Joy is the driving force and sense behind what creates urgency and excitement to read then: What creates the...
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The Sirius Solution

SiriusEdu offers the brightest academic solution. We provide innovative technology, world class interactive content, instructional design, content development, and educational expertise. We create custom tailored turn-key solutions creating effective, efficient and innovative program results connecting Academic Institutions, Faculty, Students and Communities around the world.

SiriusEdu's benefits include:

  • Accessibility
  • Effectiveness
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Simplicity

By partnering with SiriusEdu; Academic Institutions, Faculty and Students will grow and share in wonderful positive life-changing and socioeconomic experiences leaving an everlasting mark on the world.