SiriusTutor – Virtual Tutoring Platform

SiriusTutor offers an exciting new virtual tutoring platform, which is a campus branded experience for students and tutors to connect anywhere in the world. Students and tutors can use the SiriusTutor Cam, Study Board, Collaboration, Chat Messaging and MySirius Recos (Recommendations) to connect, study, or just hang out with other students. SiriusTutor will provide for a nominal fee study session recordings. Students can easily select which tutors they would like to connect with online or SiriusTutor can select some for your review based on certain relevant criteria.

Students and tutors will benefit from the built-in efficiencies of not having to travel to meet saving on time, gas, tolls, or bus fares. Groups can be easily set-up with multiple users across city, state and country lines! Students connect online with each other to eliminate those uncomfortable meetings that sometimes occur. With SiriusTutor studying will be more engaging and reviews of recorded session will be made easier so students can retain and recall the materials better.  The students will have a greater opportunity to graduate on time, earn higher grades and save on time and money. Students will also have a new way to quickly connect, socialize and have fun with their classmates on and off campus.


SiriusTutor - Studying Made Easy