SiriusEdu – Interactive Courses and Programs

SiriusEdu Courses and degree granting Programs are highly interactive and custom designed for each academic institution maximizing the faculty-students experience. Our many years of eLearning experiences and techniques provide the best interactive learning, thus engaging students and teachers at optimal levels for all teaching and learning styles.

In addition, our SiriusEdu interactive Courses and Programs can be accessed via any Learning Management System (LMS) or Cloud portal, as well as any PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone device either in an Internet wired or disconnected mode. As an international company we also publish content in any language required.

Our team works closely with each academic institution and faculty to convert and enhance existing courses and teaching content to create highly interactive Courses and Programs. Our team also consults with academic institutions to create New relevant academic Courses, Programs and Relationships with other Schools and organizations around the world.

SiriusEdu Courses and Programs serve the following Sectors:

  1. University Undergraduate & Postgraduate:
    1. Public and Private
    2. Historically Black Colleges and Universities
    3. Military Academies
    4. Religious Universities
  2. Kindergarten - 12th Grade:
    1. Public and Private
    2. Charter Schools
    3. Home School
  3. Continual Education
  4. Corporate Training
  5. Government
  6. Military
  7. Religious Organizations
  8. Sports Organizations


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