SiriusEdu – Mission Statement and Executive Summary


Our mission is to provide academic institutions the best educational ecosystem that offers interactive content, technologies, products and services in order to grow their brands and enhance the lives of faculty and students anywhere in the world.

Based on the global academic needs and new education technologies and practices evolved over the last two decades there is a unique opportunity to create and offer innovative academic solutions through the most advanced online educational ecosystem in the world. Sirius International Education, Inc. doing business as “SiriusEdu” offers the “SiriusEdu EcoSystem”, which provides innovative technology, world class interactive content, far reaching academic platforms and expertise to create the most effective, innovative and compelling student experiences inside and outside of the classroom.  The goal is to create highly engaging and interactive solutions for online degree programs in partnership with accredited Academic Institutions around the world.

Founders Felix J. Martinez and Rafael A. Dietsch-Wagner have lifelong visions to help humanity by increasing socioeconomic standards via education and technology. Recognizing the right timing for this opportunity they created Sirius International Education, Inc. known as, “The brightest academic solution”. The Company will reach out to national and international markets offering the best academic solution and products. SiriusEdu also recognizes the opportunities to offer other innovative academic products and services that help students and graduates remain successful throughout their careers and in their communities. Integrating our SiriusEdu EcoSystem to global educational centers and platforms will help students and faculty around the world stay connected throughout life. The founders strongly believe that education is a lifelong process and not a one time experience.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” - Socrates