SiriusBooks – Interactive Books

SiriusBooks is the most interactive eBook solution that engages and ignites students and readers of all ages to the highest levels. Our eBooks build reader engagement and increase accessibility. We deliver a world of enjoyment, fun, knowledge, education and information, but overall the ability to comprehend and retain content better and faster than ever before. Engagement with the content is so deep that comprehension and retention of the content increases over 100%, excitement rises to a visible high level and an urgency to continue reading and learning grows at an exponential rate.

SiriusBooks for the academic sector helps to take away what we call “The FUD” known as The Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that students and individuals have who are about to take an exam or quiz on the material they have just read and studied. SiriusBooks helps to increase a reader’s desire, excitement and success, which in turn produces the greatest feeling an individual seeks and desires in whatever it is he or she is doing, JOY.

SiriusBooks can be accessed via any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone device. Your eBooks can also be published in any language.

Ignite your readers, students, children, family, friends and people all over the world with the reading solution that can help us all move forward with Success and Joy!

SiriusBooks Include:

  1. Academic Books:
    1. Kindergarten - 12th Grade
    2. University
  2. Non-Fiction - All Genres
  3. Fiction - All Genres
  4. Guidebooks
  5. Workbooks
  6. Training Manuals
  7. Corporate Annual Reports


SiriusBooks - Engaging and Igniting Readers