SiriusVEC – Virtual Education Centers

SiriusVEC (Virtual Education Centers) are multipurpose facilities and infrastructures primarily located in communities in remote areas of countries for education and other activities use. There are paramount needs to offer everyone, in these remote and typically underprivileged communities, opportunities to receive quality education. The SiriusVEC will be found mainly in areas where education centers neither exist or education is limited. The centers will be operated with a teacher’s love for a student’s growth and development. Our goals are to provide: the best academic solution to these communities, the education and graduation of newly found “Star” students, the gainful employment of these students and the creation of economic prosperity and fulfilling prosperous lives.

Some of the key requirements we look for to locate a SiriusVEC is the lack of or limited; School Facilities, Education Content, Teaching Tools, Teachers, Electricity, Internet access and comparatively low graduation rates. Additional factors include the proximity to nearby towns, access to transportation for students and faculty in determining locations for the centers. SiriusVEC openly receives the support and sponsorships from non-for-profit organizations, philanthropists, corporations, communities, local and national governments.  SiriusVEC provides students of all ages quality education and the opportunity to learn from highly qualified educators and with the best content around the world.

As part of the centers' multipurpose use and community outreach the SiriusVECs may be used during non-school hours for other community events and organizational meetings, such as a town hall meeting, library or religious services. Our goal with SiriusVEC is to help increase academic accessibility, education standards, employ-ability, and job creation in these remote locations, so that we can increase the socioeconomic status of students and families in those communities.


SiriusVEC - Reaching the Stars