Rafael A. Dietsch-Wagner is CEO and Founder of Sirius Virtual Education Centers and COO and Co-Founder of Sirius International Education. Rafael has over 40 years of professional international experience as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. Throughout his career, Rafael has served clients in the academic, corporate and government sectors. As an active and focused, professional Rafael successfully built and managed $100 million dollar businesses with his project development, sales, marketing, investor and technology experience.

In his early years, Rafael was a Professor at ENO, which is part of La Salle School in the Dominican Republic. Rafael is very innovative and dedicated to improving education.

In 1987, Rafael created a tutoring program for K -12 called “My friend the PC”.

Rafael has developed and built exemplary results for companies within the academic, retail and education marketplace for over 40 years. With strategies planning and superior management expertise, Rafael has engaged proactive thought process involving banking, education, and upper level governments.  Rafael provides an outstanding level of leadership, vision and success within all business platforms including profit and nonprofit organizations.

Rafael is a futurist and passionate about education and his studies. Rafael is the third generation of engineers and his two sons are the fourth. Rafael has studied and received degrees from several universities. He holds multiple Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees from universities in Civil Engineering, Surveying, Psychology, System Engineering, and Theology, from Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, American International University and Universidad Nuestro Pacto Internacional. Rafael belongs to the “First” select group promoted in 1975 trained in computer systems engineering, offered by IBM, Univac and Digital.

Rafael A. Dietsch-Wagner is on Facebook and LinkedIn