James W. Whitney Sr. – CEO and President of SiriusBooks. James is a Senior Technologist, Developer and Executive "Thought Leader" for Sales & Marketing teams across the US.
Mr. Whitney brings with him over 30 years of successful experience in senior executive management and technology with Fortune 100 and start-up companies within the Information Technology (IT), Digital eBooks, Computer and Software marketplaces. Mr. Whitney’s extensive experience leading IT companies to profitability from venture capital funding through to successful IPO’s. He has held roles from key Vice President of Technology to Global Executive Management, all the while building strategic divisions to grow revenue through Professional Services teams, marketing and branding new product development. Mr. Whitney has implemented the “Thought Process Management” within companies, such as, 3M, AV Books, IBM, PC Universe, Peregrine Systems, Precise Software, SeaQuestMarine.com, Veritas Software and more.

Mr. Whitney has been successful in running day-to-day operations of companies and has been involved in strategic planning with client and vendor relationships. Mr. Whitney developed the marketing and branding to successfully launch solutions into the Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Ocean Marine GOV ED and telecommunications verticals. Mr. Whitney also funded the start-up organization known as SeaQuest Marine, Inc. and SeaQuest Marine.com. While building the success and foundation of this large Pet Supply retail operation and E-Commerce business, Mr. Whitney focused on merchandising systems that drove revenue and new product development using Thought Leadership to create and ignite excitement for customer service and end user experience in all companies to be a leadership example of success.

Mr. Whitney’s earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Northern Illinois University. Mr. Whitney also holds technical certifications in Cisco, Citrix, IBM VM Ware, and PolyCom. Mr. Whitney also holds a Web master’s degree and develops current web site solutions and SEO search engine optimization solutions.

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